Kings River Company

Boots on the ground. To move your project forward.

Need boots on the ground?

You may need "boots on the ground" if your project is stalled, failing, or maybe hasn't even gotten off the ground.

We have 30+ years experience helping government and businesses work together to build and develop projects.

These days, most government agencies and businesses are running on almost-empty with severely reduced staff. Our services as government / business consultants can fill the void, especially with our contract flexible staffing, which allows you to pursue new projects while still conducting your day-to-day operations without interruption.

Kings River Company specializes primarily in the following areas ...

»   Government Consulting

»   Government to Business — General

»   Government to Business — Commercial / Residential Development

»   Business to Government

»   Business to Business

»   Public Relations

We promise never to think of you as "customers" or even "clients." Rather, we focus on developing long-term relationships and building mutual trust. In fact, we strive to think of the people we work with as more than "clients" ... more like "partners" ... and definitely like "friends."


"It was through partnering with Ron that our school district was able to raise over $7,000,000 for building our Technology Learning Center to promote training, higher education, and jobs for the whole community. It is one of the most innovative and state-of-the art buildings in the State of California. Ron is one of the most reliable and knowledgeable people I know. He makes great decisions, has the interests of others at heart, and is a skilled leader in making things happen."

Rich Merlo
Corcoran Unified
School District

"The CrisCom Company worked under Ron Hoggard’s tutelage for the past five years. We are very proud of the successful projects that we collaborated on. Ron’s reputation is above reproach, and I look forward to continuing our professional relationship with him on many future endeavors."

Charles H. Jelloian
President & Chief
​Executive Officer
The CrisCom Company

"Every client relationship counts. If we don't think we can assist you at this time,
​we will not take you on as a client."

Ron Hoggard, Kings River Company

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